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Hi! Su Here, Your new Coach.

Welcome to our fitness training dream house! Let me introduce myself, my name is Susana, but everyone calls me Su.

I will be by your side every day in this new healthy journey. I have 8 years of experience now, throughout my journey in the fitness world I have dedicated myself to studying and certifying myself with the best coaches around the world both in person and virtually.

My credentials:

• Certified coach in sport and nutrition L1 and L2 by PN.
• Senior Fitness Certified by ISSA.
• Functional mobility Certified by KO8.
• Kettlebell Fundamentals Certified by KBKings.
• Online Trainer Certified by OTA.

I like in my training to capture the fusion of all the techniques and knowledge that I have learned along the way. People wonder what do we do? And the reality is that it is a mixture between the muscular engineering that carries each movement, we want to create a full experience between effort, mobility, and fun, and deliver every day a unique session. We listen, we create and we deliver a full fitness experience, feel free to contact me at and let me know your ideas, goals, comments and more! & Once again, welcome to bysumx!

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Enjoy my Podcast, Tea & Friends:


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