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By Having A BYSU MX Account You Accept The Next Terms & Conditions:

1- The payment has a value of $400 (MXN), which is charged recurrently in a monthly period
automatically to your registered card, this will be through our payment processor, Stripe.

2- If there is any clarification or doubt with your payments, you must only present your bank
account statements so that we can review the situation. Screenshots or photographs of any app
or system external to the data offered by the bank with which you have registered your credit / debit card will not be accepted.

3- The audiovisual content presented is never acquired, what you receive for your payment is access to different content that will help you improve your health through certified training.
By subscribing, you agree that you do not own any video / images / text and general content found on the platform.

4- BYSU MX reserves the right to permanently suspend your account if we notice suspicious behavior or malicious activity through our networks, support accesses, customer service or in general.

5- The daily training, nutritional guide, series, content published in networks, will not be re-posted without authorization anywhere, otherwise, we will cancel your account, and it will be possible to take legal action against you.

6- Sometimes there will be dynamics like challenges with the users of the platform, you are not obliged to participate in any dynamics (also called CHALLENGES) of BYSU, however, we ask that you respect people
that are interested in participating and do not present inappropriate behavior towards them in their content on networks, etc.

7- The cancellation of the service is an entire responsibility of the user, it can be done through their own profile or, requesting it to the corresponding support medium, directly to the email or, using our WhatsApp floating button.

8- BYSU MX takes the freedom to modify, remove and update content as best it deems
appropriate without being obliged to notify users.

9- No refunds will be generated for late cancellations or for any reasons related.

10- BYSU MX does not take responsibility for any injury or accident occurred during the virtual
training sessions.

11- The coach is not obliged to answer technical, payment or other questions of a nature
outside the training and nutrition area through her personal means of contact, for this there are specific customer assistance and support modules.

12- Support Area will not answer questions or messages about Coaching, for that, please contact the coach at,

BYSU MX does not store personal information of the user beyond their email to allow the use of the service. To learn more about the security of your data, we invite you to know our Privacy Policies.

BYSU MX reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, it is the user's responsibility to consult them and verify that they always agree with them.

LAST UPDATE: November 1st, 2021.